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Marketing Information

While the mainland of the Empire faces both conflict and the slow creep of the dying land, there is one region that continues to prosper: Lazulis Island. The key to the island's defenses is a battery of mighty guns which exude strange magic that seems to draw monsters in.

The young mercenary Zael, along with a band of fellow adventurers, comes to the island in hopes of finding more work. Their new employer is none other than the ruler of the land himself, Count Arganan. If they can meet the count's expectations, there is some hope that their unstable mercenary existence could become a thing of the past. For Zael and his companions, who dream of a stable life as knights, this job represents a chance they may never have again.

And it's during their exploration of a dreary, damp cave as part of their first mission that Zael obtains a mysterious new power. One that may help shape his destiny... or just make life a whole lot more complicated.

General Information

Product Type Software
Manufacturer Part Number 81251
Manufacturer Website Address http://www.xseedgames.com
Manufacturer XSEED JKS, Inc
Product Name The Last Story
Brand Name Xseed

Product Information

Platform Supported Wii

Strategic Real-Time Battles:

  • Battles are at the heart of the game and take place in real time. The player controls the main character, Zael, and moves freely around the battlefield while using his newfound power - known as "Gathering" - to support his allies and help achieve victory. He also has access to a variety of strategies relating to terrain, such as attacking from behind cover or destroying obstacles.

Order and Chaos:

  • Battles generally take place between Zael's party and a vicious group of enemies. And given that the usual haunts for this ragtag group include caves, dungeons, rotted old ships and the like, Zael and the others are always in formation and ready for action.
  • Just running in wildly among the enemy will force you to fight on their terms, however. Using Zael's Gathering ability, you can instead spurn confusion and disorder among the enemy ranks, bringing you total control over the battlefield.

Command the Battle:

  • In principle, battles proceed in real time, with the player controlling Zael and the other companions fighting of their own accord. However, use of "Command Mode" allows direct orders to be given to those companions, from casting magic to reaping the benefits of a Heal Circle. During Command Mode, the clock is stopped and you're given a bird's-eye view of the battle, allowing you to calmly strategize your next move.

Take Cover:

  • Rushing in where fools fear to tread may seem gutsy, but it'll only lead you to an early grave. Instead, it's important to hide behind objects and strike at your enemy when they least expect it. You can also use the Z Button to ready your crossbow and take aim at foes from a safe distance. Not only can it be used to fire from hiding, but also to look around in first-person mode and uncover a variety of hidden objects and strategic angles.

Magic Powers:

  • A "magic circle" is spawned by allied magic at the point of its impact. Entering this circle will cause your weapons to be imbued with magic. In addition, Zael's "Gale" ability can be used to dispel these circles and trigger additional effects, overwhelming the enemy.

Battle Techniques:

Gathering Burst:

  • As you guard enemy attacks with Gathering activated, you will gradually accumulate power. After accumulating a certain amount, a "Gathering Burst" action can be triggered, damaging all surrounding enemies and causing additional effects such as a reduction in enemy speed.


  • When a character's HP falls to zero, that character will be temporarily knocked out and unable to fight. Zael's touch can bring him/her back, though, as long as Gathering is active. But if a character is knocked out 5 times, he/she will be completely removed from battle, unable to be revived until combat has ended.
Software Name The Last Story
Software Sub Type Action/Adventure Game
Software Main Type Game
ESRB Rating E (Everyone)
Minimum Number of Players Supported 1
Maximum Number of Players Supported 6
Multiplayer Supported Yes
Release Date 2012-08-14


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