About Us

ComputerValley.ca is a Canadian based online retail company founded in October 2009 under RMS System Solutions Inc.

ComputerValley.ca is the ultimate destination for your computer and electronics needs.Our products range from common brand name products readily available to more unique products that can’t be found easily at any retail store. Most of all we try and provide the best prices possible for our clients.

ComputerValley.ca is the quintessential one stop electronic shopping mall available online.

We sell products that are brand new and is directly from the manufacturer. Excellence is not an accident here at ComputerValley.ca.

We strive to only provide excellent service that guarantees satisfaction to our clients. Furthermore, we have proven time and again with our service that satisfaction and excellent service is our forte. In the past we accomplished this through various e-commerce channels and now here on ComputerValley.ca

ComputerValley.ca offers extremely low shipping rates. We even ship to the most rural of areas, areas where people do not have access to many, if any stores. Our clients have come to rely on us without any shadow of doubt for the best products at the best prices. Products are usually always shipped next day and are delivered to your door! Moreover, all products are covered by the manufacturers' warranty.

To learn more about ComputerValley.ca please email us at [email protected]

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